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• 10/28/2016

Ryne's demotion from bureaucrat

This thread has been created in order to get Ryne demoted from bureaucrat on this wiki. The user last edited here on July 7, which, in terms of me and my fellow bureaucrat here, is unsustainable at best. We propose to demote them to admin for the time being, and if they don't contribute still, tthy cann they can be stripped of rights completely atvtje New Year.
Please voice your views here, a this thread will be closed within 5 days.
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This post is locked.
• 3/2/2016

HypotheticalHurricane (H) demotion from bureaucrat

HH has been inactive since he was promoted to bureaucrat when he joined after I founded the wiki on November 3, 2015. I have had a chat wit Sassmaster15, and we propose to demote HH from bureaucrat and down to admin, and replace with CycloneRyne94, who has made plenty of edits since joining the wiki, and he is already an admin here, ad doing plenty to contribute tote wiki.
Please voice your opinions on this, and I will decide on the votes as to ask staff to demote the account or not. All I need is 3 support votes, and I will go ahead and ask staff to demote his account.
Please vote when you can by using the Support —, Neutral — or Oppose — templates
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• 3/2/2016

The tsunami game

This board allows for you to create your own hypothetical events! However, there are rules, listed below:

No inappropriate content
Only contribute your own events, DO NOT alter anybody else's events
No swearing or other abusive content
I shall go first:
A 57 meter tsunami wipes out the Galapagos Islands following a magnitude 9.9 earthquake that came from nowhere
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