13544 eruption of the High Island super-volcano
VEI 8 super-eruption (USGS)
10 5 - Tsunami overtakes Ship

Tsunami shot overtaking a ship by a satellite
Volcano High Island Super-volcano
Date July 2nd, 13544
Time 2276 UTUC
Eruption type Super-volcanic
Location Taiwan
Fatalities 952,387 dead, 35,798,564 injured
Damages $462 trillion (2014 USD)
Tsunami' Yes, a 454 meter mega-tsunami
Other impacts Pyroclasts mixed with mud during the winter to create lahars

The 13544 eruption of the High Island super-volcano was a VEI 8 rated super-volcanic eruption on the island of Taiwan in the Pacific Ocean, causing the volcano to slip entirely into the ocean, triggering an enormous 454 meter high mega-tsunami as a result. 952,387 died, 35,798,564 were injured, and $462 trillion was done in damages as a result of the events that occurred.