DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a prediction,This is also not meant to offend anyone or anything. There are also some completely random unrealistic events


January 16 - A flood hits Cambodia,90 people died

January 31 - Another flood hit Cambodia,This time killing 134 people


Nothing major happened!


March 11- A massive fire happens at the 19th floor of the US Bank tower,The fire was stopped and the tower narrowly survived

March 13 - A volcano erupted in the ocean near Indonesia,Indonesia was affected by the ash

March 27 - An earthquake in Arizona kills 590 people.


April 8 - A bomb exploded in New York,3 buildings collapsed and 25 people died

April 21 - Hurricane Arlene formed and became a cat 2


May 1 - Minecraftforum gets hacked,hundreds of people were upset about it,The site was restored however.

May 4 -The same hacker hacks 15 users in GOanimate

May 20 - An EF5 tornado that struck in Texas causes 1090 dollars in damage and damages a lot of farmland.

May 21 - F777 music becomes copyright free again after high demand


June 13 - Another EF5 tornado hits Texas,It killed 200 people

June 20 - A building in Hong Kong mysteriously collapses,That building was just in front of Central Plaza


July 3 - An earthquake(and tsunami) hit a small town in Malaysia,2790 people died.

July 9 - TheTopTens shuts down because of a new top ten making site which is far more popular


August 3 - A mega sized EF5 tornado strikes though a city in Oklahoma killing 1354+ people,It was just insane

August 5 - Hurricane Jose strikes Cuba as a cat 3,30 people died


September 14 - After a man died due to a jumpscare in FNAF,it was BANNED in Sweden and Finland

September 15 - Cat 5 Hurricane Philippe strikes Western Florida causing 3 billion dollar damage and 1400 deaths

September 19 - Hurricane Sean hits Georgia as a cat 3

September 23 - About 59 tornadoes stuck northeastern USA,3 of which were EF5


October 2 - Western Florida revealed that they will take a long time to recover from the hurricane

October 15 - A 7.5 earthquake rocks LA and the buildings even the tallest buildings collapsed

October 16 - A small tornado outbreak hits Wisconsin

October 20 - Tropical storm Whitney forms,marking the second time a season reached the W name