2136 Azores earthquake
Tsunami (59)

The tsunami coming ashore on the Main Island of the Azores
Date September 17, 2136
Time 1225
Duration 4 minutes, 12 seconds
Magnitude 7.2 (moment magnitude scale)
Depth 9km
Epicenter 37.7412° N, 25.6756° W
Type Megathrust
Areas affected Much of the Atlantic coastlines
Total damages $5 billion
Maximum intensity VIII
Foreshocks 1
Aftershocks 37
Total casualties 3 dead, 12 injured

The 2136 Azores earthquake was a very destructive megathrust earthquake that occurred along the Gibraltar transform margin in the North Atlantic Ocean, causing a tsunami 4 meters high to sweep across the Atlantic Ocean. 3 people dies, and 12 others were injured in the 7.2 Mw tremor, which lasted 4 minutes, 12 seconds, and caused $5 billion in damages.