First storm formed SB 9
Last storm dissipated SC 6
Strongest storm Richard & Sandra - 900 km/h, 431 mb
Total depressions 275
Total storms 275
Cyclones 90
Severe Tropical Cyclones 185
Total damages $958.3 trillion
Total fatalities 0

This season was the second strongest and most costliest cyclone season that was recorded in Australia's weather history, No were reported but alot of damage was caused by this nightmare cyclone season. Two Hundred And Seventy - Five cyclones formed and all of them effected land. This many cyclones is the highest number of cyclones ever recorded in a one season. The strongest cyclone ever recorded was Carlos in the 2035 - 36 Australian region cyclone season about 600 years ago. However, Richard and Sandra was the costliest cyclones in weather history, Richard caused $400.7 trillion of damage and Sandra caused $200.4 trillion of damage. Waves the size of tsunamis was reported at E419 beach. Despite the damage, no deaths were reported but there was still over 500,000 injuries.