This role will be available to users who have been on the wiki for at lest 2 weeks. ANY VANDALS WHO APPLY WILL NOT be granted any rights on this wiki, and will be blocked by a member of staff when found out.

General information

Say why you think you are eligible for the rights that you are requesting. What would make you a good choice to have these rights given to you by one of our bureaucrats?

How to start a discussion

  • Put

{{Request Jr Admin}} |reason = put why you want to be this user group here}}

  • For responses put

{{Open Voting Jr Admin}} Your vote - Your text {{Close Voting Jr Admin}}

Request status

Voting is currently OPEN'

Conditions for promotion

  • Your vote count must be +2 or higher to receive the rights.
  • You must have 100 edits
  • Your edits must be in good faith to the wiki