aka Drogon

  • I live in Just another random planet that has about 40 million things threatening it every second, so every moment of my life is miraculous because it's a wonder humanity is still a thing.
  • My occupation is Building friendships on the basis of sass, insults, inappropriate sexual humor, mystery, and cynicism.
  • I am soaking my hair in the blood of my enemies so it's always the brightest red, henceforth, I always "see red." Afterwards, I mix said blood with my tears.
  • Sassmaster15

    Site Rules!

    April 3, 2016 by Sassmaster15

    Hello Hypothetical Tsunamis!

    Just to let the community know, we now have our full set of site rules established.  You can see them here .

    Please read and follow them - as they should make everything crystal clear!

    Have a great day!


    (Btw, I'm sorry if I sound like CycloneNkechinyer - I have no intention of sounding like him)

    Read more >

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